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Client Wins Compensation After Court Orders Hotel to Disclose Key Documents in Injury Case

Our client, from Swansea, South Wales, arranged a weekend away with her partner at a hotel in Strathclyde, Scotland. They had flown from Cardiff Airport on the Thursday and were due back in Swansea the following Sunday.

On arrival, our client attempted to have a shower in the en suite bathroom. The shower was fixed into position over the bath and, as she stepped out of the bath, she slipped on the tiled bathroom floor and fell. As a result, she suffered a fracture to her left shoulder.

The injury was reported to the hotel and an accident form completed. On returning to Swansea, our client consulted ourselves and we agreed to pursue a personal injury claim against the hotel on a no win, no fee basis.

We started by submitting a formal letter of claim, to which the hotel responded denying liability for the accident.

Dealing with Uncooperative Defendants

Most defendants in accident compensation claims are prepared to cooperate with our enquiries and comply with the personal injury pre-action protocol. However, we occasionally encounter defendants who are unwilling to adopt a constructive approach. When this happens, we waste no time in taking a firm line with them.

In this case, we took the initiative and made an application to the Court for a formal Order requiring the hotel to disclose documents in their custody that were relevant to the accident.

Essential Documents Win the Case

The documentation disclosed under the court order was helpful to our client’s case. The Defendants eventually realised they were going to lose if the accident claim went to trial.

They therefore made her an offer to settle the injury claim out of court. As a result of negotiations conducted by us on her behalf, our client agreed to accept compensation of £9,000.

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