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Can cruise passengers claim compensation for sickness and injury?

One of the biggest worries for people embarking on a cruise is the thought of contracting the norovirus, more commonly known as the winter vomiting bug.


Falling victim to this notorious sickness can ruin the holiday of a lifetime, seriously damaging the traveller’s wallet as well as their health.


When disaster strikes passengers may be entitled to seek legal redress. For information on how to initiate a claim if you are unfortunate enough to contract this virus or any similar bug, please visit the link below to an article providing you with all everything you’ll require in order to begin your claim:


While this is possibly the most common injury you might sustain on board, it is certainly not the only one. Accidents occur on cruise ships in the same way they do in any other sphere of our lives. And when an accident occurs it’s important to consider who might bear legal responsibility for compensating the victim.


Those operating the cruise and the company you have purchased the package from, have a duty of care to minimise the risk of any harm being caused to passengers. Therefore, if passengers are put at unnecessarily risk, possibly due to oversight of a defect that posses a reasonable and foreseeable risk of harm, then the duty of care owed to those on board is likely to have been breached.


It is worth remembering that cruise package holiday operators may even be liable for accidents occurring on dry land when the ship docks in port and excursions are organised.


If someone does suffer an injury on board a cruise ship (or elsewhere while in the operator’s care) and are looking to make a claim, one of the most important elements of a successful claim is to establish a causal link between the accident and the operator’s breach. As in so many legal cases evidence is crucial.  If you are able to do so, please try to obtain photographic evidence of any defect that has caused your injury.


Where the physical symptoms arising from an injury are serious, passengers may find themselves confined to their cabin for the duration of the cruise. This will often cause passengers to lose out on a significant period of the cruise and therefore the enjoyment of the holiday. Given that cruises can often cost a lot of money the financial consequences for the victim can be considerable.


For those who suffer the misfortune of sustaining an injury on board ship the physical symptoms can often continue long after they are back on dry land. This could result in the victim not only losing the money they have paid for their holiday, but also continuing to suffer financially, such as a loss of earnings from being unable to work or needing a phased return to work upon arriving back in the UK.


As with any injury, the psychological and emotional consequences can persist long after the physical symptoms have healed. Such symptoms can include becoming overly anxious (where there was no anxiety previously present) or perhaps flashbacks or nightmares recalling the incident. These symptoms can sometimes be overlooked and whilst they are of course different for every individual they should be taken into consideration when considering the appropriate compensation package


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